New! Private Label VoIP Reseller: Managed VoIP Virtual Auto Atttendant.


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Globalink CallShop

CallShop SoftPhone or VoIP Device (BYOD) or
Worldkom - Private Label Reseller Deluxe  PlanSell wholesale minutes to your customers under your own brand.
Just download  the Globalink CallShop Soft
Phone and make calls using the account id and password.

Globalink softphone is already pre-configured to work with our server.
The Globalink CallShop Soft Phone will work on windows computers.

Secure encrypted tunnels can be established bypassing regular VoIP channels or ports to our servers with the VPN option.

If you need your own private label softphone, please contact support for details.
CallShop IVR or HotLine APP (similar to calling cards)

This allows access to our Automated G
lobalink Voice Attendant (similar to an internal calling card system).

A client can dial this virtual number or extension and connect to our Automated
lobalink Voice Gateway.

Each callshop station (voip device registered to the server) can dial a number (hotline) enter the pin and make calls!!

Globalink EZ Callshop APP
Custom Third-Party Callshop software booths is also available for a monthly fee. It runs on top of our PortaBilling Platform.

This is a simple to use callshop interface so that you can generate pins and be in business in no time. 

We can customize the software with your logo.
Please click here to read more about Globalink EZ CALLSHOP.

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