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Our service has an uptime of 99.9% with redundant sip, unified messaging and proxy servers.

We use white routes for good call quality. 

While we strive to provide the best rates possible for the quality of service we provide, we do not compete on price alone. Quality of service, long-term success and reputation are more important to us than the price.

Please discuss with your Customer Account Manager (CAM) about which plan best suits your needs based on your business plan.

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For Very High Volume Users (mininum of 100,000 actual minutes per destination prefix per month with their own switch and who pay by bank wire transfer), please contact us about our VIP Pricing. We can provide you our direct routes with multiple channels to select destinations.
(for qualified resellers only)

For Continental US Blended Premium Rate
75% US traffic must terminate to RBOC rate centers. Otherwise non-blended US LATA pricing by rate centers will apply.

FCC Universal Service Fund Surcharges included when using premium carriers.

"Premium-Rate" numbers are prohibited on our network.

We do not sell our dids for Craigslist type of application due to fraud.

Please click here for Rates Blog International PREMIUM RATES in USD.
We recommend premium routes for hosted pbx services, good call quality and sufficient channels for your destination.
We provide CLI (caller id), DTMF RFC2833, codecs g729a and g711u
for US routes.

Billing approval is required for auto dialer based traffic or high volume short duration calls (less than 6 seconds) as we provide qualtiy premium routes.
If you need Quality of Service (QoS) for your US business Hosted PBX services (Cloud Computing Services), please contact us about our Managed T1 and SIP Trunking services direct to US business premises.

In VoIP you get what you pay for. The lower the price, the least cost routing mechanism in our Porta VoIP Switch will pick the lowest cost routes. 
This limits the number of carriers than can connect your call. This may result in lower Average Call Duration (ACD) and Answer Seize Ratio (ASR) for certain international destinations.
So in the VoIP business, the higher the cost, better the route, as you will have multiple redundant carriers for each destination.

For international destinations, our premium routes will allow multiple redundant carriers to same destinations.
(for qualified resellers by request only)

For customers who do NOT need CLI (caller id or dtmf), please contact us via ticket to Customer Accounting for special deluxe pricing for select destinations only.

Codec supported : g729a
Service Level : Best Effort

Our pricing is based on actual volume per month (not estimated) by each country rate center or destination prefix.
We do not sell blended rates for international destinations.

Please review our minimum requirements for each plan by clicking here.
Please click here for pricing details, legal and technical requirements.

Wholesale Rates are in US Dollars and are subject to change based on market conditions.
Please scroll down to view all our VIP rates and requirements.

Our wholesale minutes are provided primarily for those who use our Private Label Porta , Genband MSX Nextone or Mera Voip Soft Switch Services.


How to PURCHASE VOIP Minutes, Sip Trunks, DIDS  and VoIP Services:

Due to security, please register with to purchase our services.

Special pricing for high volume (actual monthly usage) by request only.

Requirements: Payment by bank wire transfer.
Only available for very high volume wholesale customers who pay by bank wire transfers. 

Good call quality and pricing for hosted pbx, regular residential voip services, calling cards and callback. Uses premium carrier routes with good pricing for high volume voip resellers.

If you are a high volume voip service provider, you can also use your own carriers and routes by renting our Mera (Aloe Systems), Nextone Genband MSX and Portaswitch
Worldkom VIP Rates Choose Customer Accounting and submit a ticket with subject SPECIAL VIP RATES at
Please provide your 5 top destinations and actual monthly volume to those destinations in your ticket.
Click for pricing details and requirements