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Globalink VoIP Reseller Support Worldkom.Net
Helping You Sell World-Class Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) Services Your Own VoIP Reseller Business In A Box!

Globalink  is committed to helping resellers leverage on the latest internet technologies and our existing infrastructure so that you can provide the services your customers need without a large investment.
We strive to provide personal service to all our resellers.

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Globalink VoIP Reseller Team Globalink, Inc. offers you the ability to start offering your own telecommunications services using VoIP with ease and speed.  
We are committed to providing personal service to all our resellers.
Globalink VoIP Services Globalink,Inc. traces its roots back to 1993 to the Midwestern Christian work ethics in Salina, Kansas, USA., but we are "not just in Kansas anymore." We are now able offer our services worldwide with the addition of voice-over-ip, internet telephony, web marketing, ecommerce, software development, backend server hosting and internet broadband services.

A Brief History

Globalink Inc is incorporated as a Computer Sales & Service company in Salina, Kansas.

Globalink expands into local area networking (LAN), cabling and server installs.

Globalink continues its expansion into the LAN business with Microsoft and Novell offerings.

Globalink invests in startup Informatics (an Internet Service Provider -ISP) partnering with another local computer business and gets into the the internet access business and web hosting.

Globalink  via Informatics (ICS) continues its ISP offerings of dedicated frame relay, isdn, wireless and continues its expansion of Wide Area Networking (WAN) services.

Globalink via ICS continues to expand its wireless internet and wide area network offerings and custom software development.

Globalink via ICS is now a one-stop technology solution company offering everything from hardware, LAN , WAN, software and internet services nationwide.

Globalink via ICS is first to offer local Broadband DSL services and expands web hosting services to United Kingdom and Malaysia.

Globalink via ICS is now offering wide area network services that include phone systems, satellite and telephony services.

Globalink divests its dialup business in ICS as broadband becomes more available and converts more wireless customers to DSL broadband services. Data Center or Network Operation Center (NOC) has been migrated to San Jose and Virginia.

Globalink divests its shares in ICS and partners with Gracesoft (based in Houston, Texas and development in Chennai, India) and expands its "software as a service" offerings. Globalink now has evolved from an ISP to an Application Service Provider (ASP).

Globalink continues to expand its back-end server hosting and application services.

Globalink launches direct to consumer Surf4iT.NET for easy web hosting and iGlobalink.COM for  Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) services.

Globalink launches private-label reseller services Worldkom.Net with a quest to offer high-tech and personalized VoIP services to resellers worldwide.

Globalink expands its VoIP offerings to include Hosted PBX private label services to resellers worldwide on the Porta Switch platform.

Globalink expands from United States Data Centers to Europe for redundancy and capacity requirements.  

London (United Kingdom) and Frankfurt (Germany) have been added to our data center network. The US locations  include San Jose (California), Dulles (Virginia), New York Area and Miami (Florida). 

This is also to accommodate the increased growth in Europe, Africa , Middle East and South Asia.

Globalink expands services to the Pacific Rim. We now provide services in all continents and many islands. We have expanded many of our services using automated API or software automation to make it easier for our resellers to manage all aspects of the VoIP Reseller business. Automated APIs now automatically provision international phone numbers in various countries.  

2010 and beyond. Another new decade!
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