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Our back-end online billing control panel can be setup in other languages as well. 

We support the following languages at the moment:-

Arabic, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Czech, English, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. 

You can automate your client payments using merchant services so that clients can pay and recharge their accounts in real time. 

You can setup the invoices to auto charge their credit cards when bill comes due as well.


We can setup automatic online sign-up form to work with your merchant processor.

We can also support other languages on our  Interactive Voice Attendant.

Please select your Private Brand VoIP Plan (to the right) based on your technical skills and the services you wish to sell by clicking on the links "Learn More".

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Worldkom VoIP Reseller Solutions
Global Mobile OFFICE APP

Take your office with you so that you, your staff or customers can work from any location.
Setup your mobile office with your own voice mail, auto attendant, call queues and dids.
Large enterprise hosted pbx software in the cloud at your finger tips without the large expense.
You can provide your staff or customers online web control panel access to your server so they can manage their call history, voice mail, find-me, follow-me, call queues etc online.
Voice mail can be sent to your email so you can listen to it directly from your smartphone or tablet.
You can make calls from your Android, iPhone, iPad Mobile Client on your smartphone or tablet.
We can provide you US or international dids to link to your account.
Run your business from anywhere in the world. more Learn More
Worldkom Web Hosting and Domain Names
Global Click2Call APP

You can initiate the callback via a web page or link in email.  Once our server receives the request, it will respond by calling you back to your phone or mobile phone and to the destination or office number where you want your customers to call you.
Globalink Managed VoIP Tech Support Services
Global Distributor APP

You can provide your agents or distributors online web control panel access to your server so they can manage the pins or accounts they are selling on your behalf. We can setup the commissions to be calculated based on the sales.
Worldkom Marketing my VoIp website Web SignUp Wizard APP

The EZ Web Subscription API is available as an add-on to all our packages.
This online signup script will automatically create users and email them the password under your private label reseller name.
Users can then log into our Web Control Panel and recharge their funds, check call details record and manage their services online.
You can link this to your existing website for E-Commerce sales.
You must have an approved bank merchant account for the API to work.
You must have a reseller package already setup with us.

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Worldkom - Private Label Reseller Deluxe  Plan  ALA CARTE GLOBAL APPS

You can purchase our services ala-carte when using our hosted Cloud VoIP Switch.

Please contact Help Center for details.

Distributor (Agent)
OUTLOOK APP and more.

EZ GLOBAL VoIP APPS (select your app)

Private Label EZ VoIP APPS (select your app)
No minimum commitment. Please contact Help Center.
Full Back-end Web Control Panel Access.
Sell Private Label Services for Pc2Phone, Mobile Dialer, VoIP Device (ATA) and Call Shop
more Learn More

Worldkom VoIp Reseller Deluxe Solution VoIP Reseller Deluxe Pinless Calling Cards APP or
Reseller Deluxe International Callback APP
(ask support about Distributor or Agent APP)

Full Back-end Web Control Panel Access. No minimum commitment.
Sell calling cards and call shop. Full Back-end Web Control Panel Access.

 more  Learn More

Worldkom VoIP Reseller Virtual Office Reseller Virtual Office APP (Hosted PBX, Call Center, Call Recording and Conferencing APPs are available)

No minimum commitment.
No charges for extensions. You only pay for your dids and outbound usage. Full Back-end Web Control Panel Access.
Sell dids, Record Calls,  Create Unlimited Calling Plans, Call Conferencing , Hosted PBX and other VoIP Services -requires computer networking skills

Conference Bridge, Call Recording and Call Center are optional APPs
Hosted PBX Reseller more Learn More 

Worldkom VoIP Reseller Solutions  Reseller-In-A-Box APP (for qualified resellers only)

Create custom unlimited plans, hosted Porta Web Control Panel with integrated Online Signup Wizard and offer hosted pbx services with phone numbers -requires basic knowledge of Porta Customer Management. We can integrate with approved online payment processor. Additional Cost for custom Front-End Website Development.

Requirements :
Minimum 100,000 Minutes per month
Requires technical skills

Private Label Reseller-In-A-Box Plan  Learn More 

Worldkom VoIP Reseller Solutions VoIP Reseller Enterprise APP (for qualified resellers only)
Your Own Virtual Server Partition

We can setup your routes on our  Globalink VoIP Soft Switch and use Globalink VoIP Soft Switch for billing and retail voip services.

Managed Service Support Plans are available under Worldkom.Net.
You can sell Private-Label Business-Class Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) services under your own Brand Name with your own domain login using your own routes. 

Rent our Globalink PortaBilling VoIP Switch and use your own routes.

Requirements :
Minimum 250,000 Minutes per month
Requires technical skills

moreLearn More

Worldkom Private Label VoIP Solutions Business VOIP for Cloud Computing Services

It's still a wide-open frontier in the world of communications technology, and there's still time to get in the business of selling VOIP of selling VOIP early, and grow your new business quickly. We can provide Business Class VoIP with Quality of Service (QoS)

Our Unified Messaging includes hosted pbx, auto attendant and fax services with your own business phone number.

 Review the ABOVE Reseller Plans to choose the one that fills your needs.
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