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You can start with basic plan and later upgrade by only paying the difference in price between the plans. There is no need to pay full price to upgrade.

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Private Label Porta Conference Bridge Solution
PortaUM Flash new

Hosted Conference Bridge Solution

Download Solution PDF (some of the features not available in hosted PortaSwitch as we virtualize the server.)
No minimum commitment. Hosted Solution.
No server hardware necessary.

You can add this module to the Virtual Office or higher plans. Hosted PBX Reseller more Learn More 


We have customized the Porta Bridge Conferencing module to work under our hosted PBX services. It will be added under your Porta Billing Services tab just like your PortaUM service.

We create a separate product with customized tariff for the Porta Conferencing service.

Our Cloud Computing Services are hosted on our VoIP Porta Switch in our Network Operation Center (NOC).

We recommend our Premium VoIP routes. We can provide a turnkey solution with T1/PRI circuit direct to enterprise customer premise in most major US locations for Quality of Service (QoS).

We recommend Cisco hardware although our service will work with most open sip compliant hardware.

You can check your email/voice mail/fax all in one place. 

Incoming faxes on select did rates centers are automatically converted into a pdf and sent as an email.

Business Class Centrex - enhanced business-class phone auto-attendant typical of very large office phone systems.  

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